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Huai’an RuiSheng Garment Co.,LTD. founded in 2010, is a professional foreign trade import and export trade company in Huai’an Jiangsu province, China, it covers area of 3500sqm, standardized workshops of 1100sqm, and potentially holds 1500 people to work, which is one of the large scale clothing enterprises in Huai’an. In June 2018, the company successfully passed the international standard bsci certification. We have our own 2 factories in Huai’an, one is called RuZhen specialized in T-Shirt, Jeans, Polo, Pants, Shorts, Sportwear, Jacket, Coat, another is named Haolv professional in Bedding Set, Quilt, Pillow, Mattress, Decoration.


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  • How to choose a winter and autumn windproof jacket? Performance in these areas is most critical

    Into the cold season, windproof jacket Because of its block wind, block rain, resist the performance of cold evil invasion became its walking tour de force, with hidden function it by strength harvest a vote of diehard fans. Although it is a functional clothing, but the daily street wear is also completely no problem. Go shopping in an outdoor goods store and get confused by gore-tex, waterproof index and moisture permeability. For the uninitiated, pick one that works A windproof jacket. It&#...

  • Why buy professional yoga clothes instead of regular workout clothes?

    First of all, yoga clothing and regular aerobic exercise clothing though similar in style, but there are many different professional pertinence, like ordinary clothes may have more requirements on quick-drying, twist the sweat, to support the duration of the high intensity exercise, and professional yoga clothing requirements in yoga exercise to the body have more professional and effective protection level and stretching. For example, when we do yoga, the human body has a key axis, and only ...

  • The functionality and advantages of cycling clothes

    Cycling clothes are functional clothing, such as safety, wicking, breathable, easy to wash, quick-drying, etc. Cycling jerseys with special fabrics, with high strength, good elasticity, good extensibility, and good abrasion resistance can be regarded as a functional cycling jersey. A good top of cycling clothes should have breathability and perspiration, which can quickly discharge a large amount of sweat and keep the body surface dry. The bottom of the cycling jerse...